Asphalt and how to make bitumen mixtures in Asia Mase Saz factory

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Asphalt mixture or asphalt that is known as asphalt in Iran that is made with bitumen , sand and gravel materials with suitable sizes.

Asphalt has different types and is used inoverlying layers or basics or underlying and pavements railways and runways.

The properties of asphalt depends on the rocky material and type of the bitumen first there is a description of rocky materials feature and bitumen feature and at the end a brief description of asphalt production by Asia mases azz companys hot machine.

Rocky materials

Materials either exist naturally or artificially: first,big stones are broken with explosive substances then these stones are transported to crushing factories.

crushing machine the stones will be transffered to the right size,firstly these stones are broken in the jaw crusher or impact crusher or hydraulic cone crusher then are produced by the  secondary crusher and sand maker to the suitable sizes for asphalt production.

Also the broken material are more strengthful than ductile materials because they can be matched together and locked.


Asphalt plant


Stone material witch are used to produce asphalt should have special properties.

The desiend properties are considered in terms of aggregate,hardness,durability,punity,grain shape and grain surface quality and suitable aggregation of asphalt stone materials according to several factors such as paivment the type and location of the desired layers

Typically aggregation in size of 0_8 15_20 20_25 used for the production of asphalt.

Asia mase saz setting factory

*Determined the ratio of the percentage of cold materials that must be   mixed in.

*cold feeder calibration

*feed filler calibration

*bitumen pomp calibration

*determine the optimum bitumen content by means of endurance testing

*setting valve for exhust silos

The start of the asphalt plant and the asphalt sampling

Operation method of asphalt plant produced in Asia mase saz company

Sand aggregations in 4 types are stored in 4 calibre cold then the silos are filled by loader.

Under the each silo there are two virable feed bar that used to adjust the out put of the material to the original bar then the materials is transmitted by conveyor to the drier,then the materials reaches to the160 degree centigrade.

The heat is generated through drier burner witch works by gasoline or gas.

Now the materials from the exist shaft comes to elevator(conveyor)

Elevator is carried materials to the tower of the asphalt plant by spoon and enters to the top of the screen.

In this section 4 types of aggregate materials have been transported witch are separated from dries and each grains are collected in warm silo.

Below every 4 parts of the silo the valve is opened and closed by the pneumatic jack and the out put control that carried by two ways:automatic and manual

It depends on the type of asphalt required 4 types of aggregate are weighted and drops into the mixer

Now on another part the bitumen heated in the tanker by pipping and weighing,then transferred to the shower mixer and sprayed on hot materials

The filler and other additives are weighted and added to the mixer then in a time period of 25 sec bitumen and materials are mixed and a bit of asphalt is produced

That depends on different size of asphalt plant and the size of the mixer

And asphalt factories of 160 tons and 200 tons of asia mase saz is higher than similar factories.