Impact crushers and their advantages over other crushers.

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In this article we define some definitions of Cubit impact cusher at first, and then we discuss about functions, ty‌pes, and advantages over other crushers.

The crusher is referred to a series of machinery that can crush breakable materials.

Different stones have different reactions while being crushed. some of them are crushed easily and some become powder and some are very resistant.

Different crushers are used to crush Stones according to their types and uses in industry. And every crusher grinds in a different way. Impact crushes are divided into two general parts:


Crushing by pressure/compressing

The material and stones will be crushed between two surfaces by a jaw crusher, a cone crusher and a gyratory crusher .


Crushing by impact

In this way Material and stones get impacted by the rational parts ( rotor_hammer_etc) and after striking metal surfaces like anvil or nonmetalic surfaces like other stones, will be crushed


Impact crusher

Its one of the crushing equipment which is used in mines for mineral processing

the impact crusher also called rotary, is often used as a secondary crusher in crushing mines

Cubit stone crusher that are designed in Iran

Cubit stone crusher that are designed in Germany


Iranian designed Cubit:


includes all of cubits 80/220/180/120/100 which models are named in terms of input span(millimeters) that this numbers are used mistakenly in Iran as the tonnage of the device in one hour.

Impact crushers are used for mountain mine and river rocks which have low hardness and no silica. The internal layer of the machine is made of resistance parts which can be changed easily. Impact Crushers are impact or turning crushers which crushing is done by hammers. Hammers are fixed on the rotor by magazines and springs and are locked in place with no movement whatsoever. . This crushers are made of three main parts which can be changed easily. It consists of rotor, top part and bottom part. The rotor is installed on the bottom


1.6 phase of engagement for each hammer it can be used until 70%

2.Easy and quick replacement of hammers.

3.less power needed for the machine in high driving force.

4.The materials will be broken in a best possible shape.

5.Adgustable spring for granulating 


impact crusher


*Impact crusher HS Germany plant


Which includes Hs7, Hs10, Hs11, Hs14, which is Hs11 of it is unfamiliar model.

Impact Crusher HS is used for crushing harder stone. Three separate adjust-able anvils have been installed inside HS Impact Crushers, allowing to control the production rate. The top anvil is made of manganese steel, and the mid-dle & lower are made of iron covered with manganese par .

impact crusher