Asia Mase Saz s sand washers

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General explanation:

Mostly these machines are used to separate mud and dust from sands in mines.

The performance:

The mechanism of this device is the sand is immersed in sand washer that containing water after that is guided upward by a spiral body embedded in it.


This allows the sand and gravel to be thoroughly washed and removed of bottom of sand washer machine.

Optimization of same factors affecting the performance of Asia Mase Saz sand washer:

_using of powerful electromotors

_spiral diameters

_rotation speed

_tank capacity and length of spiral

_amount of water pool capacity for washing operation


AMS sand washers are produced in 2 models:

_Bucket wheel



Nonpolluting sand and gravel(without excess grain and soil) is very important in asphalt,concrete industry as well as in the construction of modern structures and the architectural industry,

Because main material are the fabric of a building or asphalt production in asphalt plant.

financial use of different types of sand produced

In addition to high economic value,high efficiency,easy access to the these materials and even in the sand washers of this company we see water saving.

These devices can also be used alongside the thickener to separate the filler.

Sand quality highlights the importance of sand washers in construction industry.

And strength of materials in this profession in the rebuilding or construction of a city,most of materials is mortal,asphalt and concrete.

Strength or a struction of a city depend on these materials.

It should be noted however that sand also has qualitative degrees that depend on factors such as a geographic location,type of target mine and location of target mine and location of the mines by the materials or by rivers.



Bucket wheel sand washer :

Bucket wheel sand washer is suitable for high capacity production lines.

The low speed of circular wheel,big tank and high altitude of muddy water caused the maximum filler residual and drying sands and made in 2 types of single_blade and double_blade spiral.


Bucket wheel sand washer

spiral sand washer :

In this system they put sand with water into the sand washer tank and its led by spiral to the exit nozzle and also part of consuming water leads out.

Effective factors in capacity of the sand washer are spiral diameter,rotation speed,tank capacity and length of spiral  that designed in different models and sizes.


spiral sand washer


Asia Mase Saz company is  constantly to provide the best quality sand washer with high export to all part of Iran and other countries specially the Arab,European and Asian( CIS ) .To assure consumers in the field of asphalt,concrete or construction,etc.that they have high quality and efficient products after washing their materials by Asia Mase Saz sand washers.