Batching Plant


Construction has always been one of the signs of progress and improvement. It is used for massive construction in high volume and fast. Concrete Batching Plant for the production of high volumes and less time is used. Batching plant can easily produce from 40 to 60 cubic meters of concrete per hour. Batching plant usually produced in two Liebherr and Drum. However, higher volumes of Twin Shaft Mixer can be used.

Batching plant components include:

  1. unloading of raw materials
  2. Raw material weighing system
  3. conveyor feeding
  4. Mixer
  5. Cement Silo
  6. Screw Cement
  7. . Flow
  8. Control system four load cells and weighing systems, weight loads and arriving on the conveyor feeding the right amount of empty and transferred via conveyor to the mixer.

Screw cement silo cement from the cement mixer and using a water meter is transferred into the mixer the amount of water is required. Every twenty seconds a batch speed mixer, to produce and deliver products.