Cone Crusher

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Cone Crusher


Cone Crusher is a secondary crusher.Material pours into the interior cup from the top part, and then is processed between two cone shaped metal made, named concave and mantle. The shaft provides a spinning force which moves the concave and mantle in a spinning reciprocating motion and crushes the material. The processed products could be used in various industries. Construction and buildings are necessary to the economy of every country, and stone crushing plant is essential in preparing the material needed for any sort of construction. Stone crushing plants are used in many industries, such as mining, metallurgy, as well as chemical, phosphate, road building industry, and many other industries.



Different kinds of Hydraulic Cone Crushers based on their products:


  • Cone Crusher (Small Product): [2*36 & 3*36] are examples of this type of crusher. In this cone crusher, the cone-shaped cup is top down and the crushing cone is steep with the apex angle of 20º.
  • Cone Crusher (Medium Products): [4*36] is an example of this type of crusher which are characterized by wide receiver and output ports.
  • Cone Crusher (Big Products): Crushers small and medium crushing (cone-shaped bowl is pointing upwards, crushing cone rather flat, the apex angle is approximately 100 º). Such crushers characterize the size of the diameter of crushing cone.There are also inertial crusher, which are different from conventional tapered so that as the actuator is used blunt cone vibrator unbalance type.

Advantages of cone crushers:

• Durability and reliability;

• Highefficiency;

• Consistent quality of the output material;

• Continuous operation;

• Automatic protection against overload or falling into the cup did not blunt the material;

• Low operating costs;

• Easy to maintain.