Impact Crusher HS

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Impact Crusher HS


Another type of impact crusher is impact crusher HS series in which has high production rate and the type of hammer used in it is very useful in sand producing mines and stone mines.

Impact crusher HS series used to crush hard stones. The crushing process done by hammer’s impact to the materials and disparity of material in the first stage.

The second and third step of crushing also done in the same way and the hitting continues until the output material reach the desired size.

Three adjustable aprons are individually available that allow to control the production rate.

The top apron is made of manganese steel and middle and bottom aprons are made of iron body, covered with manganese guide Shoe

Due to HS hammer’s high abrasion, these hammers are made of solid alloy and anti-abrasion alloys, and there are 4 hammers in each rotor.

This giant crusher’s Powerful electro motors   50 kw and 90 kw provide the required propulsion for rotation of a heavy rotor and four .120 kg hammers

HS impact crusher rotor is a very heavy disk rotor and produce high torque

This causes the harmonize hammers rotation and not changing rotation speed during impacting materials.

So it causes full efficiency and saving the hammers.

All wearing parts of HS impact crusher individually like hammers, aprons, and body parts are made of manganese steel so they have longer life.

Advantages of AMS Industrial Group Impact CrusherHS

  • Multiple valves around.
  • Having a hydraulic jack.
  • Strong body.
  • A variety of hammers.
  • Casting the anvil.

Using different hammers can improve life of AMS Industrial Group Impact Crusher. The life of the hammers varies from 20 days to 4 months for the hardest rocks. One of the difference between HS Impact Crusher, and Ordinary Impact Crushers made by AMS Industrial Group, is the Number of hammers and their weight.
Older HS Impact Crushers had sliding doors, but in newer models, have hydraulic Jack.



Body Sheet

Rotor Body Sheet

Chassis Shaft

Frame Liner Size

Ceiling anvil



Electro motor

Electromotor turn/min

Hydraulic Jack

Rotor turn/min

No. Hammer

Quality of Hammer

Weight of Hammer

HS  7

15 mm

60 mm

165 mm

Square : 17*17
Rectangle: 17*25 with navel



1.30*2.25 m
26 H

KW  55

1400 turn


550 turn

4 Pcs

Zarin Qate

120 kg

HS 10

20 mm

80 mm

165 mm

With Navel



1.77*4 m
28 H

KW  90

1400 turn


600 turn

4 Pcs

Zarin Qate

120 kg



Electromotor Power

Total Mass

Production Rate

Entrance Feed Size






SI-HS 10






Impact Crusher HS

Impact Crusher HS

Impact Crusher HS

Impact Crusher HS