Stone Crushing Plant

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Stone Crushing Plant


The process of crushing huge volume stones of no practical use, and changing them into small sand, gravel, flaky, elongated, and other small stone pieces which are practical to be used in different construction and building projects is done by Stone Crushing Plants. They are used in coke, lead, zinc and porous aggregate mines. There are three main categories of crushers used in a stone crushing plant, and they are known as conical (Cone Crusher), Impactors (Impact Crusher), and Jaw Crusher. Furthermore, crushers, granulating, and sand washing machinery are made in wide ranges of use for mountain and river stones specified on buyers’ requests.

Due to difference in type and size of stone, final produced material, and production rate of the site, different machinery could be used in a Stone Crushing Plants.Determining the design plan of the site through our experts checkups, different machinery could be used to produce the desirable material. AMS Industrial Group granulating machinery are erected and installed all over Iran, and work finely as a sign of our commitment.

The machinery manufactured by AMS Industrial Group are manufactured to work sever and harsh conditions, and continuous production. Use of special techniques, delivers not only long lasting systems, but also they are suitable and harmonious products for long-term production.AMS Industrial Group machinery are made based on Electronic electro-motors, however changes can be made to enable the machinery to useDiesel generators connected to control panel. We guarantee quality of the machinery, and also try to prepare high quality after sale services.

Use of enhanced mechanisms for replacement of spare parts and full support of machinery, reduces the stop time of machinery to a minimum. Customers can choose the type of their produced material according to their site. It worth noting that all the consultation services are free and available 24/7. The engineers in AMS Industrial Group stay by you through all the phases of design, production, erection and installation (turn key plant).

So, you will have a complete and economical set to the production of materials in accordance with the principals of modern design and global standards.