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 Given the importance of recovery of fine particles such as sand mineral processing operations in the manner of wet processing plants have always sought to accomplish this. The Asia ex-washing sand for optimum use of equipment, such as sand screw states and also enables recovery of fine particles (sand) at average production rates, has attempted to make screening pond.

This machine is totally similar to washing screen, but the difference is that in washing sand (0-6 or bigger) is done using screw. In pre-wash, zero materials up to 6 mm with fines (sand) by sand washer screw that works with sloping low and high RPM, output is combined with water and poured it onto the vibrating sieve pond. The next stage screening pond created by the vibration, material separation, and effluent contains fine-grained, clay and silt into the shooting device transmits.
In discharge phase, produced wastewater which include wastewater from screw spiral and shoot of the machinery both include fine-grained and clay. All the wastewater and fine-grained transferred to the hydra cyclone using slurry pomp. Because of two side eddy current, fine-grained and clay become separated and pour on the screen from the bottom of hydro cyclone. Washed fine-grained and material 0-6mm, pass through vibrating screen (2.40m) and the final production exit the machinery.
The machinery can produce up to 120t/h depended on the needed material, and the used amount of water is 3-4 inches.
Specification of the Thickener:

  • 15mm anti-wear body sheet
  • Two electric vibrator 2.2kw
  • Anti-wear polyurethane nets
  • Anti-wear centrifuge pomp
  • Anti-wear cyclone with liner
  • Body with anti-wear rubber and liner
  • Dimension of thickener is 2.40m*1.50m
  • Epoxy color with 200 micron coverage

 Thickener is used to dry gravel and it improves the quality of exit nozzle and separate dust and cleans the gravel.

Thickener is set next to the spiral sand washer and the production can be used for the house design and inside of the buildings.
Vibrators in this machinery pull the material from bottom to the top.



Body Sheet

Number of net


, 10 mm                   

48 Pcs Polybortan



Total weight






6500 Kg

 3.5 KW 2 Pcs

120 ton

3.6*1.25 m

70-80  ton/hour