Best exporter in 2016

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National export day, is the symbol of the national self-confidence culture and the day of achievement conservation of intelligent planning and realistic pragmatism based on a clear path. Exporting is a way towards globalization and save the country from the vulnerable economy of a single product and crude selling and it can lead to the added value and improvement of trade balance and ultimately the increase of economic power and consequently political and cultural because the market is a platform to exchange and influence on the thoughts, culture, tastes ,creation and new achievements and in this way market solutions were changing and influencing different aspects of human’s  life and businessmen role as the prophet of the message of spirituality and culture civilization to various nation is undeniable.

Regarding to this development of commerce organization of Iran will hold a festival annually in which according to the evaluations will be awarded to manufacturing companies that export to other countries appreciated and honored by statue. Meanwhile Asia MaseSazBehnam is selected as the best exporter in 2016.This Company has been able to expand its market in other   countries such as Uzbekistan, Kazakhstan, Azerbaijan, Kyrgyzstan, Iraq, Oman and exc. By exporting its machinery.

We hope to increase our exporting and be able to take a step towards the renown of Iran.

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